Welcome to Baton Rouge, Louisiana's Capital City!  Not so very long ago, Baton Rouge was just another sleepy river town, but in recent decades several hundred thousand residents have grown with the city and are pleased to call Baton Rouge home.  A colorful community rich in heritage, character and charm, Baton Rouge has emerged to rank as America's 70th largest Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).  As the farthest inland deep-water port on the Mississippi River, it serves as a major center of commercial and industrial activity.  The well-known hospitality and vigor of Baton Rouge are the result of a unique population of spirited residents united with the center of the state's government, university and business enterprises.


On the east bank of the Mississippi River in south central Louisiana, in East Baton Rouge Parish.


The Mayor-President and a 12-member Metropolitan Council jointly administer the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge. The cities of Baker and Zachary are incorporated with their own governing boards. The City-Parish Planning Commission guides growth and development for the Parish, and coordinates implementation of the comprehensive plan, the Horizon Plan.

2006 Estimated Population

Baton Rouge City estimated at 229,503 people.  East Baton Rouge Parish is estimated at 429,073 people.

Land Area



Baton Rouge 76.231 square miles 48,787.84 acres
East Baton Rouge Parish 472.1 square miles 350,009 acres


East Baton Rouge Parish - 2006 U.S. Census - $44,286.


The following employers are the largest in the Baton Rouge area, each employing more than 1,000 people:  BASF Wyandotte Corporation, Baton Rouge General Medical Center, Dow Chemical Company, Entergy/Gulf States Utilities, Exxon Chemical Americas, Exxon Chemical Company, Georgia Gulf Corporation, Harmony Corporation, International Maintenance Corporation, J. E. Merit Construction, Inc., Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center, Bank One, South Central Bell Telephone, Turner Industries, Baton Rouge City Parish Government, Earl K. Long Memorial Hospital, East Baton Rouge Parish School Board, Louisiana State Government, Louisiana State Penitentiary, Louisiana State University, Southern University and the United States Post Office.


East Baton Rouge Parish 2006 - 221,524


December 2007 Unemployment Rate East Baton Rouge Parish 4.5%.


East Baton Rouge Parish has 150 schools, including public, parochial and private. The schools serve 71,560 students from kindergarten through high school. Baton Rouge has four business colleges, two trade schools, and two state schools for sight and hearing-impaired students. Two schools of nursing and several corporate and university research and applied science facilities are located in Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge has two major universities, a community college, business colleges, trade schools, nursing schools and state schools for sight and hearing impaired students.